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The Art of the Cigar

What components truly define a premium cigar?  Well, there are many things one can attribute to that – climate, soil, ideal tobacco leaves and so on.  However, to get to the finished product you need people with passion, skill and the drive to create a perfect, premium cigar every time. True artists who take pride in their work as they create the perfect cigar.  We are blessed to have such a talented staff at our DAV factory, whether they partake in growing, sorting, fermenting, stripping or rolling, we demand the highest level of excellence at every stage.


All DAV Cigars can be categorized as premium.  However, it’s important to note that it’s not just the quality that makes it a premium cigar; it’s the process in which the tobacco leaves are sorted. Right after curing and before the fermentation process, every leaf must be classified as either a wrapper, binder, or filler.

It starts with...

Perfectly Cultivated Tobacco

Our tobacco comes from Cuban seed which is grown and harvested under the most ideal climate conditions in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Every leaf is hand selected to ensure the same quality with each cigar. From harvesting, to aging and fermentation, we demand total quality control at every level.


Fermentation is done for the purpose of removing unwanted nutrients within the leaves to supply a clean fresh tobacco flavor. It all begins with the rehydration process.  The entire process can take anywhere from six months to over a year.


The binder and wrapper leaves will remain intact.  The filler tobacco will be stripped after very close inspection. The thickest part of the vein, known as the “midrib,” is stripped away with utmost care and precision to ensure that none of our precious tobacco is lost in any way.



Once the tobacco is up to our high standards it’s finally time to start rolling. Rolling a cigar is the process in which our highly experienced rollers carefully construct what will be the final form of a cigar using the filler, binder, and wrapper



Quality control is paramount before a cigar is ready for our consumers.  Draw testing is a crucial stage.  Every cigar must be tested with a machine to determine whether it has ample draw.  We also limit the number of cigars that each roller can make in a given day.  Our motto is quality over quantity.  Once we are satisfied with the cigars, we put them through the aging process which is for a bare minimum of 90 days.  This is the time in which all the different tobaccos fuse together.

Even after the aging the process, we go through one more final round of testing each cigar to make certain that they are up to our standards.  We spare no expense when it comes to ensuring the perfect cigar every single time.

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