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How it Began...

DAV Cigars emerged when two friends followed their passion for cigars while venturing in the Dominican Republic and decided to join forces with a third-generation cigar manufacturer's family.

Since then, DAV cigars became globally popular due to  their exceptional premium blend, paired with the knowledge, expertise, strive for excellence and the vision of its creators.  

Decades of experience, combined with true love and deep understanding of cigars result in the highest level of standard of each DAV hand-rolled cigar.

Every cigar is created consistent with the techniques passed on from one generation to the next. When each cigar is expertly wrapped in a rich, lustrous natural wrapper, the cigar experience gets kicked up a notch. The superior  quality of DAV cigars is ascertained by the highest quality of raw material from proper sources. Consequently, the wrapping, flavor, smoke, burn, and draw  always result in absolute perfection.

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